Legal graffiti walls in London

We know of 10 legal graffiti spots in London. Unfortunately 2 have been closed down. Explore our map to search worldwide

  1. Tottenham

  2. Nomadic Community Garden Shoreditch

  3. Mile End

  4. Crouch End

  5. Ally Pally

  6. Stockwell Skatepark

  7. Stockwell

  8. The Pit - Ladbroke Grove

  9. Leake Street Tunnel

  10. Feltham Bowls

About Graffiti in London

Graffiti is a ubiquitous form of street art that has been a part of London's urban landscape for decades. London is home to some of the world's most famous street artists, and their works can be found on walls, buildings, and even on public transport across the city.

London's graffiti scene is diverse and vibrant, ranging from political statements and social commentary to abstract designs and intricate murals. Many of the city's most famous graffiti artists have become world-renowned, with their works appearing in galleries and museums around the globe.

One of the most well-known graffiti areas in London is Shoreditch, a neighborhood in the East End that is home to a thriving street art scene. The area has become a popular destination for tourists and street art enthusiasts, with guided tours offered to showcase the murals and graffiti pieces that cover the walls and buildings.

Overall, graffiti has become an integral part of London's cultural identity, with the city's street art scene drawing visitors from around the world. While its status as an art form remains somewhat contentious, there is no denying the impact that graffiti has had on the city's cultural landscape. Grafitti is generally illegal in London, but artists can find various privately owned locations to create artworks.