Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


Go down Markfield Road, under the railway bridge and into the park. Turn to the left and it is all the concrete walls there (near the railway track).

The area is actually called Markfield Park. The park is currently going through application for £1.5M of improvements but the BMX and graffiti area is to be kept.

watch out for gangs of muggers just take your cans and thats it no phones or mp3's or anything, consider going naked and armed, otherwise its not a bad spot, better for 3 or 4 people for safety.

Yeh this plot is nice ive been painting here since 95 with no hassles!

I've painted there on my own, and have never had any hassle. Some local kids hassled me for a spare can, but were more curious than threatening. But as chilled as I've found it, I've never painted there on a weekend, so maybe then it's another story. But I really can't see it changing that much from young Tarquin on his BMX. There's loos and a cafe near by too!

This is a toy spot. The walls are either in the BMX park / ramps - sloping low walls, often with curved bottoms that merge with the ground surface (for bike / skate tricks). No use for painting on. Or they are in the remains of the pump house tanks (or whatever they are), and those walls are no more than 4 foot high! Maybe good for a beginner to practice, but don't waste your time if you're any good.

Actually its one of the few legal plots where heads can still clock it on the train so basicly a legal trackside! never seen muggers toys or even warewolfs. well worth a look

Went here for the first time this week. Great spot with a variety of wall heights and surfaces. Obviously there is space inside the BMX and skate area but as its their space, its not advisable to paint while they are trying to use it! There are outside walls concrete, brick and corrugated iron available to paint too, if you need to avoid getting in the way of the bmxers and skaters.

Definitely not a toy spot ,some walls are 7 + ft high , always good vibes there . Well worth a visit

Is this wall still safe to paint?