Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


get permission from Solo's mum.

Big walls with lots of burners but in rough estate. If you look abit weak you might get robbed by locals or other writers.

lol true storys, but yeagh sick hall of fame legal and illegal writers always droppin thru pappin nice pieces.

Anyone from outside the area will get robbed here. enjoy the experience

2 writers got robbed there last week and one got a slap. Theres a big gang on estate terrorising outsiders

watch out for the kid with the red sort of hair hes been taking everyones paint from them with a tin of links and a lighter ...

There is nothing wrong with Stockwell Park Estate. I've been there 100s of times and never had a problem.

Been there yesterday, full blown 6 hour session 2 murals and a tag later, some little red headed mug tried to rob me at knife point, nearly snapped the little cunts hand, don't think he's gonna rob anyone anymore.

Spent the best part of 2-3hrs putting a character up here... I'm pale and skinny as fuck, so appear to be an easy target for idiot thieves. Felt safe and chilled the whole time, and there was a huge wall mulshed out and ready for anyone to use.

Completely resurfaced. Reopened mid-May 2019. Attracts artists from all over and has some of the best graffiti in London.

Still has some of the best pieces in London. Like many graffiti spots on rough looking estates. I go early morning whilst shady characters are still in bed. 😄

Last time I went, a local skag whore let me have a go on her for six quid in change and a bag of quavers, she had a fanny like a burst couch, it looked like old chewing gum, and she was kicking up a bit. Still smashed the granny out of it though. Good times

Fine to paint. Never had any problems. You will probably be taking out a burner so make sure u emulsion

Much safer nowadays, cctv cameras placed around so I’m sure that deters people from crime. Lots of burners and the locals are safe👌

Is this wall still safe to paint?