Crouch End

Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


Parkland Walk is a public footpath that follows the route of an old railway line. At the section pinpointed on the map various walls and other surfaces have been allocated for graffiti. Its unclear whether everything here is completely legal - there was a sporadic buff a couple of years ago, which has abated - but the local residents are generally tolerant of the graffiti. If you're worried about potential difficulties, stay on the walls around the football pitch and the large building. Note that you can access the site by Haslemere Road, perhaps the best street to park a car on, via a narrow overgrown lane - this is not shown clearly on the above map.

The main walls here are in the tunnel where the footpath goes under the street. It's wide, and the walls are pretty long and smooth - but it's dark and gloomy. That plus the outside light reflecting on the shiny walls means crappy photos. Ok spot to practice or do quick stuff. but no good for anything more ambitious. There is one ok outside wall further up the path, but not sure how hot that is. Kind of rough brick too, but decent enough for bulkier type stuff - simple letters, dubs etc.

Got moved on by the police and threatened with arrest

Is this wall still safe to paint?