Nomadic Community Garden Shoreditch

Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


The Nomadic Community Garden is a great place with a lot of walls with variation in height and width, You've got some tunnels but also a couple of (big) walls underneath the Overground train line. Which is a nice background for your photo. The Nomadic Community Garden is about a 10-minute walk from the the Betnhal Green Overground and Underground station, where also the Chrome & Black graffitishop is located. (Which Irecommend to go there while you're at it.) The Nomadic Community Garden is also near Brick Lane, there you can find a lot of book-and vintage clothing shops and such. In case you're visiting the place together with your better half, and you would like to be able to paint chill and quietly if you get my drift,

Great place to paint if you're a beginner or pro. There is not one wall or only one place to paint, there are many scrap bits of large wood around which are really good to practise on. A few people walk by during the day however these are mostly tourists who are just interested; no one will force you to stop, as it is still safe to paint.

Still safe

Definitely still safe to paint got there and the walls were covered people were already painting would suggest goimg there the people are friendly too while your there i suggest going to the crome and black graff store around the corner and check that out the staff there are so friendly and they helped me with directions to this spot overall recommend checking this place out

Still safe and lots of areas to paint. Tourists taking photos and lots of people relaxing on the grass. Nice spot to paint.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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