Leake Street Tunnel

Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


The HOF was organised and legalised for the now legendary Cans Festival 1 & 2 in May and August 2008 by the infamous Banksy himself. It's a 200-hundred-metre-long tunnel under Waterloo train Station. The biggest legal wall in London. Avoid painting in the afternoon due to some gangs of bored teenagers looking for mischief and free paint. Come and start early in the morning to finish around 2 o'clock in the afternoon otherwise it may become an unpleasant experience.

Not a writer myself, but take lots of graff pics, but I thought the general quality was not high at all. Lots of pieces but all gone over by kids. Whole alley was mainly throw ups, and looks like anything good might not last a week - but I could have gone at the wrong time, so make your own mind up. I would think this situation would stop most people putting there time and effort into painting here. Agree with above looks like a bored teenager magnet !!!! However after all that its so easy to get to, and worth a visit

Google Street View: tinyurl.com/leakest

Good shout on the "getting there early" tip. Last time I rolled down then, just about to set up and got fronted by 3 youths, chatting shit about this is there "manor"

I was here fiming a crew I know painting yesterday (29/08/10) ALL DAY (12-7). It was great! Had no problems at all and the tunnel was really busy with general public, tourists and all sorts of people walking through taking photos, chatting and smiling. The police and community support officers were walking through all the time and were really friendly. I did see CCTV cameras but wasn't sure if they worked. In short, I had a wicked day and there were no problems. Thanks Leake Street!

i went there i am a stencil artist.. thort this might be a problem but all fine no one stared any trouble but just don't go to late..... AMAZING PLACE!!

Great place; I'm about as much use with a spray can as a cod driving a tractor, but I love photographing the spectacular work that gets put up, and meeting the invariably friendly artists that make this pace so special.

painted here several times, amazing place unless you hate talking to the occasional tourist, did get stopped by the BTP for the first time last month but after conformation about it being legal they just left us alone. there is cctv but its long been sprayed over take a ladder and you can easily get a piece up for years, theres and MBW piece thats been up since 2008

great spot

kids will steal your paint. bad experience. didnt get to finish my piece. 5 cans got stolen. find a shop owner near Brick Lane for permission to paint.

Visited london this weekend and made a point to visit leake street.Seen a few artists workin doin great pieces without any hassle.Was a homelass man sleepin there but seemed harmless. Like others have said work there doesnt last long before next man is goin over it but defo worth a visit :)

Been to Leake St late at night with a car meet and it is indeed a legal and tolerated area (it's owned by network rail who only allow pedestrian through traffic). Didn't have any problems and in fact a few members of the public were walking through. Really good pieces around though, the best I've seen.

20/04/2014 I was painting there. You can easily paint there without permission or something like that ! In a sideway in the tunnel, there is a strange artist gallery. The "Gangs of bored teenagers" just asked about some caps for there piece, but I was not alone there. The advice to come early is good, especally when you are from Germany ;)

Been there. Totally legal and really big. Lots of space to find a spot.

I have painted a dozen pieces over the last 4 years here and it is absolutely safe and legal. Extra safe even in that even walking policemen will be passing every now and again, absolutely unbothered by what happens on the wall...:-) No need for any permission or experience, just get there and do your thing!

I didn't expect to find this tunnel, but I took a wrong turn and was amazed to find wall to ceiling graffiti of varying skill levels and quality. There were artists actively spraying as I walked through. Some kids smoking pot, garbage all over, and two makeshift raves all lent an odd feel to the ambiance, but I still highly enjoyed the experience.

Its a good place. Only thing what makes me sad about this is stupid kids drinking and smoking pot and leaving this place full of garbage. This place should be better but its safe.

I go all the time

Very safe spot in 2019.

Super nice and safe spot.

Go there all the time and haven't had 1 bad experience yet. Safest spot in London probably.

Still a safe spot. Loads of tourists so expect them to be curious and take pics. Just be careful as feds and security guards walk thru but they happy as long as u keep down the weed and drugs.

Still active with many artists painting everyday and people hanging out in the tunnel. Sometimes there are group dancing classes (?) occupying the wider part near the entrance and they play music near the evening. In general the area feels safe most of the time.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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