Tufnell Park

Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


don't upset the locals

in a council estate closed-in court where kids play football right next to you. they might inadvertently, or so they claim, kick the ball on you. There are two walls here. 1. best place to paint is on the slick part but max 3 pieces next to each other, you can fit 5 maybe but the last two will be behind a fucking football goal cage, which we should blow up, so you wont get your flick, which is pointless; the wall is real high here (prolly 5m); a lot of paint peeling off in some areas where your can control skills will have to adapt. 2. there is a longer wall but there's like pillars every 4-5 meters which spoils any hope of a dope production and pretty much sets your piece's size, not only that but it's those damn shit bricks again, and the wall is prolly 2.5 m high. If the kiddies decide to play football you're right next to the court, practically on it. Been there 5 times, only saw wack shit. Where are the dope London writers, they need to come back...cuz most writers do quick sloppy shit here, like they was painting a panel piece or something. So there you have it, in my opinion, if you aint ever been here, check it out, do a nice piece please and raise the level, but you prolly wont come back often...

Below entry is absolute bollocks.. this is based on info at June 2008. 2 main walls, one can get about 10 pieces at least in a row (with the goal disrupting the last few).. brickwork smooth and fine. The wall is high, definately need full ladders to reach the top and can fit two rows of stacked pieces no probs.. Second main wall that can fit at least 8 pieces, however brick pillars mean that each piece is either only about 4 letters long or you go over the pillar.. Quality is variable.. good place for jam's so its picking up but did go through a back patch from 2002-2006 where no one painted and there was a lot of jackings.. That seems to have ended and there's many more burners.. AD

You can see what the walls are like here on this photo blog photograffics.blogspot.com/2009/04/tuffnell-park-london-april-2009.html CFM

i don't think you can enter it from tabley rd. parkhurst road is where the estate which it backs onto is. tabley rd borders it, but i didn't see an entrance from there. it is in the back of the estate. a minute from the odeon cinema on the corner

none of the rudes jam in that spot the oldest kid ive seen playin fotball was like 11. an theres never more then 4 of them. the only bad thing is that it gets painted often so nothing ever really lasts unless its like a production an even then it will last maximum a month. alot of dogging aswell by local rudes

This is gone now. Kaput. Over. All walls painted black, with "this is not a graffiti area" signs posted, and a ball cage right in the middle anyway.

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