VIP Wall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Greater London, United Kingdom


Privately owned wall operated by Billy from VIP Graffiti Paint shop. Wall is open 24/7 and legal to paint there, the owner himself encourages it. Plenty of space with even a fake metal train.

This place is fantastic you will never run out of paint here toilets,beer right next to McDonald’s opposite Bruce Grove overground ,good day had by all,also bill puts your work on Instagram with 900 fillers

Billys hall of fame a must paint location if in this part of london. Bully is a top bloke sells pretty much everything you will need as a graffiti writer. He genuinely supports writers and isnt just out for a fast buck. Multiple walls of varying sizes toilets onsite just off main high street where you can get Caribbean, turkish, and greek fast food. Cant praise this palce enough

Is this wall still safe to paint?