Reading Skate Park

Legal graffiti wall in Reading, United Kingdom


a mixed bag of walls around the perimeter of the skate park. nothing special but if you've got 'the itch' its better than nowt. 10 minute walk from the station.

Not a legal, but chill anyway

No its definately 100% legal, police has passed said hello etc without any trouble

Old park has been replaced, a few nice walls to paint but its not realy been touched yet. I wouldnt paint it for a while, feds are always around that area.

Theres loads of graffiti all over the back of the ramps and stuff. Painted on the ramps themselves a couple of times. No trouble. Noone except some kids actually use it so no problem with the skaters or bmxers

It is a legal wall, done several graffiti there, and locals are used to it.

Is legal, but if you want to do some nice piece is not worth to go there. A lot of assholes who think they are somebody and they will destroy your work just for fun. Very childish behaviour. They don't respect rule to not paint on someones work if you cannot do better. waste of time and money Only if you have nowhere else to go That's my opinion Peace

Is this wall still safe to paint?