Farnborough Skate Park

Legal graffiti wall in Farnborough, United Kingdom


Farnborough Skate Park. Just above waist height walls (pretty small!) around the perimeter of the skate park. Park 100% permitted/legal as long as you don't do the ramps surfice. Some backs sides of the ramps available to paint too although the walls don't extend much higher than waist height in most places!! Why not Join the campaign to get the walls extended another few meters: simply email Parks Development Officer - Andy Ford andy.ford@rushmoor.gov.uk stating positive reasons why this would be a good idea! Peace.


Yup, it's legal here.

Theres limited space and not great surfaces but not a terrible spot

Most of the surfaces could really do with some mulsh as they are mostly raw wood with a light layer of faded spray paint. Best spots are the front of boards at top of the ramps. Painted a few things there today and it was chilled.

Is this wall still safe to paint?