Winnersh Triangle

Legal graffiti wall in Wokingham, United Kingdom


Opposite the park and ride car park under the winnersh triangle, head towards winnersh cinema. Chilled spot with at least 10 walls which would fit 2 peices on each.

Not legal but never really get any trouble from police, people have been nicked down there, some walls are a bit bait

be careful

People getting nicked there

still be careful dont spend to long there best painted in morning and watch who you chat to hint hint "Snitch alert" cough cough 40 year old twat toy

Massive increase in quality of pieces down here, lots of street artists now. Tolerated by locals and council, had police wonder down there and say nothing to painters. Fine to paint.

Absolutely fine to paint down here. Incredible quality work down here, so amazing walls. Police and locals are fine with it.

Amazing work here. Not much free space if you’re a toy like me, but still super impressive art here and completely safe.

Had a look not to paint, but to see what it’s all about, 4 different people painting on the walls at one time, it’s decently hidden anyways but no one was having any issues so Ide say it’s safe!

The local council have designated this area as a 'youth' area, and it is legal to paint. 22 large walls which usually have quality work on them. Some walls change regularly, some don't (apparently some of the artists have favourite walls!). Worth a visit if you're in the area!

Is this wall still safe to paint?