Legal graffiti wall in Winkfield Row, United Kingdom


another skatepark. mmm flat. flickr.com/search/?q=longhill&w=23346782%40N03

100% legal

Most walls removed by idiots. Check this article for more info to avoid wasted trip. flickr.com/photos/blakstardotorg/3694169088

100% legal (had police call council whilst I was there) but watch out, no where near as good as it used to be due to new layout and BMXers pulling down some of the wooden walls.

Still 100% legal. Know your rights people! Don't be put off. Tell the cops to talk to: Richard Walton, head of parks and countryside at Bracknell Forest Council. Ref: bracknell-forest.gov.uk Peace.

spot kinda weak. wooden fence at the back has gaps in between each board, so hard to do a burner there. best wall is behind the ramp and can fit 2 small pieces, but noisy due to road, and shrubs close behind. not convenient yet a good piece is doable there.

went yesterday, very good walls and nice and chilled out. skateboarders dont mind either

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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