Legal graffiti wall in London, United Kingdom


Two walls about 100 feet long each, located on the 'Greenway' public footpath over the London Underground District line tracks. Another hall of fame in London that has resisted attempts by the authorities to shut it down.

very nice spot, lots of history, if you walk back along the trainline towards central its the first big bridge above the lines. never had any drama there, hope this one lasts.

Saw some workers jet washing it all off the other day.... prob cleaning up for the Olympics...

I can confirm this is legal, i've seen graff being done here whilst fed cycle past. One thing you might wanna watch out for is a whole bunch of gangs that like to stroll down the path, dont think they usually bother anyone doin graff though- should be okay

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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