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Legal graffiti tunnel

Legal graffiti wall in Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, Netherlands


The wall is in total about 140m2. the best way to get there is to go from the N11 towards Rijndijk and park your car at the gas station that you pass. You never get troubled by cops or something, sometimes old people stop and stare because they usually like the art in the tunnel.

best legal wall i ever been to. It's is block buster material. We stayed for over six hours and still weren't finished. I recommend it strongly, you also go their by taking bus 187 from leiden to gouda and get off by the stop called fossum. have fun :D

yeah very true been here once after a big jam in amsterdam. All I can say is: It was well worth the trip!!! We stayed there with about 20 people and there was more than enough room for all of us to go as big as our paint would allow. the atmosphere is also very relaxed, the locals can't get enough of the art they keep asking you about it and they think more walls in zoeterwoude must become become legal. anybody visiting the netherlands and loves graffiti should go there and bomb it up! ps. It's way bigger than 140m2, must have been a typing error its more like 1400m2 :)

I asked the officials of Rijnwoude about this tunnel, and they said this location is NOT a legal wall. The tunnels are property of Pro rail or Rijkswaterstaat. Haven't asked them about it yet... There is a nearby legal tunnel however, in Zoeterwoude, under the train-tracks and the N11, near Heineken: on the Ommedijkseweg. ----------------------------------------------------------- Beste Remco, De locatie is geen eigendom van Rijnwoude, volgens onze gegevens is dit ook geen legale graffitti muur. De tunnels zijn eigendom van ofwel Pro rail ofwel Rijkswaterstaat ivm de N11. In Zoeterwoude is in elk geval een een legale graffiti muur. Dit is de tunnel onder het spoor en N11 nabij Heineken. Deze locatie ligt in de gemeente Zoeterwoude. C.L. mOriƫn Gemeente Rijnwoude.

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