De Blik

Legal graffiti wall in Leiderdorp, Netherlands


Shipping container Right now, the inside and outside of a shipping container are legal for painting. Room for 1 big piece or 2 small pieces on the backside. 1 piece on the inside. short sides are 3 x 3 meters: enough room for characters. There are plans to build 2 walls (8 meters wide by 2 meters high) here as well, but nothing is 100% sure. Once these are built, I will post an update here. Accessible with car (+parking on spot)

No wall is present, only a shitty ribbed container whitch is not worth painting.

Ribbed container and future plans

No wall present.

Cops stopped me while I was painting.

2 walls of 1.80 meters high by 8 meters wide have been built. Both walls can be painted pn both sides. It’s officially a legal wall, local cops know this. I will post another update when a ‘legal wall sign’ has been placed.

Both walls have a goald and a basket pole in front. Hard to take good pictures. The other side is in the bushes and muddy. The containers are just pure shit. Waste of time

This wall is crap!

Is this wall still safe to paint?