Watford Warehouse

Legal graffiti wall in Croxley Green, United Kingdom


Large abandonned industrial premises made up of 3 connected rooms, each of which could take at least 10 pieces... whitewashed walls and high ceilings for all weather painting.. Its on a footpath where marked, you have to follow the footpath round to find a gap in the fence. Not going to be there for very long as earmarked for demolition probably going at the end of August 2008 but TBC. Don't hit up the surrounding area to keep it chilled. Also beware, asbestos present in some rooms so take a decent mask and ensure you wash your clothes afterwards and wipe your trainers before getting back in cars / going home. AD

PS Should have added asbestos is NOT to be underestimated: dangerous stuff so if you value your lungs do some research on the net to avoid potential harm..!

Couldn't find this address. May '09.

Warehouse is now demolished, please remove this

im a local 100% gone, built flats on it

Gone, residential area now

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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