Uxbridge Wall of fame

Legal graffiti wall in Denham, United Kingdom


Quite hard to find but worth it. Underneath the motorway, huge place. Space for 100 - 200 pieces. Out of public eye.


massive place pillars for miles but yeah its like most places under motorway bridges, out of sight and slightly tolerated... rank parking tho lol...

parking on the side of the motorway 100% legal never had any problems down here always see old couples walking through who say hello and even the farmer who looks after the fields came through on his tractor and said hello, plus the old bill cba with getting to here. place is legal but the gate from the motorway is shut due to its also an entrance to a construction site so just walk round the gate. graff here weekly and never had a problem. sets!-d.n.d-

A rather passive aggressive creep was hanging around yesterday, very intimidating. Make sure you don’t visit this place alone.

What did he look like? I was there 4 days ago.... might of been someone looking to fly tip. I was planning to paint on my own next month sometime.

Paint there slot on my own sometimes dodgy fuckers but same as anywhere..

Yes it’s all good there never had an issue. Wasn’t there another wall near Uxbridge station in a park. Is that still there?

Visited yesterday. Fantastic place. Biggest hall of fame I’ve ever seen.

Painted there 2 weeks ago and it was chill. I don’t think it’s technically legal but had about 20 ppl walk past including a professional photographer who took some pics. No problem and safe to paint. Loads (about 50) of 2 meter walls all the way down and some walls which fit 4 or 5 pieces but those are usually taken by crews who get rly angry if u go over them so if u want to go over make sure u come with friends so u cover the whole wall. Keeps going on other side of canal but u need to get across over a huge suave pipe and the canal is MANKY if I fall in and the other side full of abandoned cars. The biggest paint spot for miles around recommend it.

Never had a problem been doing it for years there and never been nicked there is a sigh saying it’s legal to do there.

sick spot, really chill. however the actual spot is a bit further east than on this map. met some really chill people down here, and obviously the graffiti is super good.

Threw a rave down there went off still legal to graff

Went there today with my wife son and dog Met Hillingdon litter pickers a group of volunteers tidying up cos they luv the graffiti Great place

Someone has marked it as temporarily closed on Google - still cool to go to? Also, how do you get down now? Used to park on the layby and walk down but now there is a huge metal gate. Thanks

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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