Watford Skate Park

Legal graffiti wall in Watford, United Kingdom


You can paint the backs of the ramps,quite a lot of room. It's just off the ring road and right near watford High street station.

Ignore the description of this place, its a tiny skatepark in the middle of the ring road. The walls are tiny and its full of stupid toys with their poundland paint, who absolutely gauranteed will take you out the minute you leave. If you're in the area go to the Bushey hof which has better quality of pieces (lots of CD crew stuff), although again the walls are pretty small, only suitable for about 8 people.. AD

what are you all about? I love to go to Watfords skatepark. Graffity they do is amazing and come one you can easly find some random kids making theit signs (or whatever how to call it) everywhere. And what about description, it's all pretty true!

i dont mind graffiti but in a skatepark on the ramps is taking things a bit far coz it makes the ramps slippery.

graffiti around Pioneer Skatepark by paddy insides and round by field at back.

With AD on this, unless you want to do individual pieces on odd shaped walls.

Is this wall still safe to paint?