Dame Emily Park aka The Deaner

Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


a variety of paintable surfaces in a leafy park with a skatepark and play area, loved by the local community. not strictly legal but tolerated since 1988. two large walls (one brick, approx 35'x30' and one flat, approx 40'x15' - length x height) and a long, short 'wall' made of wooden boards erected at the top of the park, which is only temporary. skate jams are put on annually by the Dean Lane Hardcore, bringing together the community with live music etc. graffiti jams are not so frequent. find more information at flickr.com/groups/bristolgraffiti access via dean lane, booth road, morley road or lydstep terrace.

good place to meet writers, sometimes even bombers and street artists

don't leave your scrap cans!

information is correct


It has been confirmed legal

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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