Ashton II: Graham's Revenge

Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


It would appear that this formally cool 'bombed' wall has been deemed acceptable for daytime painting by the legal eagles of Bristol. Apparently the mysterious criteria that make a legal bod happy to pop the lid off his emulsion have been fulfilled. Maybe the stars aligned in a certain way, who knows... At the time of writing (Autumn 2009) both sides have been painted top-to-bottom numerous times and the results paraded on like hunting trophies. The location is pretty inauspicious, however during the week there is an endless stream of hot art student girls walking to and from the nearby UWE college campus. That has to count for something innit. The spot also marks the starting point of the long trek into the wilderness to find the mythical Shooting Range, a 'legal wall' which is also listed on this website.

Careful of this one. Saw photos of someone painting there on and police had sent out a "have you seen this tagger" . Not sure if it was for unrelated reasons, but being so close to police station, the spots become a bit suspect for day painting.

Wall is absolutely fine, regularly painted

Is this wall still safe to paint?