Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


bristol's first and only legal wall to be sanctioned by the city council (it was arranged in 2007.) located in a public park in an inner city neighbourhood. flat concrete, over 100 feet long and 8 feet high. look for its taller twin wall on the st paul's side of the M32, via the pedestrian subways. this second wall is 15 to 20 feet high.


information is correct.

Alot of talented artists get up on this wall regularly, to a traveler like me it looks like it is all sanctioned by the council or heavily controlled by the locals, as none of the pieces seem to run over each other. Alot of human traffic, but they didn't seem to mind, spent a few hours painting a blank section without crossing anyones work. Respecting the locals seems to be key at this spot.

I'm really sorry there are no legal graffiti sites in Bristol. This information is totally misleading. Network Rail,SWEB,Highways and Bristol City Council as well as local communities Find this vandalism completley unexceptable. Those responsible can look forward to arrest and prosecution in the Coming mounths.Spray and you will be arrested.

One of 2 currently council-sanctioned legal walls in Bristol (although the council say they have no influence over the police who say there are NO legal painting spots) after a meeting with some of the Mayor's team today. The well-painted walls around the outside of the roundabout- on the footpath on the St Paul's side, and as you come out the underpass on the right into the park by the river Frome.

yep, still safe. i'm still in hull at the moment after my latest painting.

Still regularly painted, but as with most Bristol spots, no technical permission...


Is this wall still safe to paint?