molesey legal

Legal graffiti wall in Molesey, United Kingdom


medium sized wall enough for two small pieces or one large one on both sides. The wall is free standing at then very back of the park just go through the main gate and you should see it... you wont get much hassle here maybe just a few locals haha...100% legal just ask ask the council.

Wall been knocked down.... Don't bother

Wall isn't there any more, got flattened a while ago. Delete this page mate.

This think them two must be blind I was there today

Kid got stabbed the other other day for he's paint by a local gang ... wall is now illegal

Definitely still was there today

been there today and it's still there. Very cool artwork and recently painted. Desperate to know who does This art

Wall still here. Painted regular

Nice wall,keep painting

Is this wall still safe to paint?