Pig's Lane

Legal graffiti wall in Worcester Park, United Kingdom


Go through park by motspur park br, follow path through field past horses etc... turn left at the end of the path (opposite houses, follow this path until you get to horse riding place, turn right down this path you'll know you're on the track...just follow the path until you get to the wall.

This wall has never been legal, rather painting was generally tolerated...up until recently. Merton council have pledged to cut down on graffiti being done there and have buffed sections of it on numerous occasions, and police occasionally mill about here. Shame really, used to be a nice, remote place to enjoy a spliff and a drink and drop a piece in the summer, nice flat and responsive surface too...

The wall is in a right state....... These pics are from Friday the 10th April 2009..... Best bring a plasterer !!! s329.photobucket.com/albums/l365/crimesforminds/pigsalley-April2009 Click on the thumbs for large CFM

its not actually legal here

great wall to paint on lots of spots and your work doesn't really get painted over

Yeah I haven't been to the wall in ages but as I remembered the wall was nice, 2m high but muddy when it rained. Shiz

Couldn't find it at first but found it, still legal

Not actually legal but nobody will bother you if you paint there, caught @skot_one painting there aswell. Stayed there for about three hours and nobody gave a shit

Saw Ryan Davies there once

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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