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Legal graffiti wall in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Edinburgh's new city centre legal spot. Long wall with 2 sections. Top half of main wall and spot round the corner at the bottom of the hill are for productions etc. Bottom half of main wall is the free wall where anyone can drop a piece. Check in with Spectrum graff shop first (@ 317 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1NA - just 2 minutes away) for production space. The main wall is opposite the council offices so use some common sense with what you put up. Shouldn't be any hassle at the wall as the police etc know it has permission but if there is any police interest, send them to Spectrum for a copy of the permission sheet and we will sort it. Spectrum - 0131 556 7740

I was there ist fantastic! SIME DHS Crew

Site has now been redeveloped and no longer exists

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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