Legal graffiti wall in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Legal wall named Loanhead. 2 big walls. Disused freight train line. The best writers always head here. Lots of big productions, look for McDonald's at straiton, there's a path opposite, head along that, the tunnel is under the city by-pass (a720)

Best spot in Scotland

Saw this for the first time while walking the path. I have no connection with or interest in the griffiti writing thing, but I was astonished at the size and complexity of most of the designs. Some were magnificent. If this is urban art, lets see more of it. A pity though that some clown of obviously limited talent had chosen to vandalise some of them with derogatory comments - the scribblings of a feeble mind! I photographed most of the atrworks, and in the poor light, flash made them even more vibrant. Glorious.

Gets buffed once every few years but still legit

Tried to find it look for 40 mins but I couldn’t see anything

Went there about 1 month before corona and was safe

I couldn´t find the spot. Only an empty field heading the city bypass

The wall is technically not legal. Although regularly painted and very rarely are there problems, it is still illegal and you should be aware of the risks painting here. Recently police have been taking an interest in graffiti across the city so be careful if you paint anywhere in the city.

not legal but chill spot. never any issues

Beautiful art being put up 3 days ago

Is this wall still safe to paint?