Legal graffiti wall in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Legal wall named Loanhead. 2 big walls. Disused freight train line. The best writers always head here. Lots of big productions, look for McDonald's at straiton, there's a path opposite, head along that, the tunnel is under the city by-pass (a720)

Best spot in Scotland

Saw this for the first time while walking the path. I have no connection with or interest in the griffiti writing thing, but I was astonished at the size and complexity of most of the designs. Some were magnificent. If this is urban art, lets see more of it. A pity though that some clown of obviously limited talent had chosen to vandalise some of them with derogatory comments - the scribblings of a feeble mind! I photographed most of the atrworks, and in the poor light, flash made them even more vibrant. Glorious.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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