The Boards

Legal graffiti wall in Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Smallish but central legal wall close to the university area

aye full o baws OE tags and tags from wee shiters who want to be in OE

lol i used to go there but the OE dicks kept going over my stuff

NOT LEGAL: Permission was granted to a certain few back in the mid nineties as part of a project for the festival theatre...and because of the quality of the work at the time, it remained ok to aint..however the mess of the place now goes hand in hand With people being fined at the spot.

this wall is now legal again! good spot for a quick piece at one end, bigger walls at the other! get a photo cos it wont last long!

Construction work has begun on the site. Walls inacessible.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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