Plaça Carbonera

Legal graffiti wall in Barcelona, Spain


A lot of walls.

there are no legal walls actually in barcelona. we live under the martial law. street art is highly prosecuted.

I thought that this 3 walls in Parralel was legalized for graffiti but unfortunetly cops just catch me up last week with all my stuffs! i'm so pissed!!

went to the hall of fame just down from parallel and had all my paint taken from me, hadn't even finished sketching out!

I was in barcelona 2 monts ago, there are no legal walls in barcelona. go and find a place for the night

painted there yesterday, great wall lot's of big pieces. if police comes and says you have to got permission, just say your from another country and didn't know, they wont be difficult about it

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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