Tres Xemeneies in Cabanes Park

Legal graffiti wall in Barcelona, Spain


Skate spot with two legal walls.

not legal anymore! watch out for cops

It's still legal. I was there for an anniversary celebration in December '08 and each one of the stone canvases were being re-done. Dozens of people watched, including families and kids. It was inspiring and heart-warming.

This wall is NOT legal anymore, I was there about 6 weeks ago and some British fellas got busted. There are plenty of other spots to hit, Just check with the guys in the Montana shop, keep in mind that no spot is legal in Barcelona.

Yes it's legal :

In this website you can ask permission to paint legal graffiti walls in these

yes we can!

Yes its true, only you have to get the permitt! But i got it and done my thing! Only thing when we got there shops were closed so we had only 5 cans a person!! So be sure the mtn shop is open! Check the pictures here: Check movie:

Encountered police in the place and they told me it is perfectly legal to pait there

Still legal. Many walls. Great spot. A lot of skateboarders during evening.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Nearby graffiti stores