Skate park legal bridge wall

Legal graffiti wall in Oslo, Norway


Nice wall under a bridge (nice for bad weather) and a skate park surrounding it.

er det tak over parken?

confirmed. this is a good spot, right next to the tracks. fully legal and good fun. E

Still open

Still legal theres also a bridge right next to the park that you can paint under overall its a great spot

Great spot! Still open

yeah. still legal just dont paint ON the bridge itself on the side. theres already peaces there that the park paid for. but its a GREAT spot to chill out on and make sum peaces.

Actually, there are two graffiti spots, one next to another. They are just separated by the road Dyvekes Bru. 1st one is for cool artists, like painting big and nice pieces. 2d one is more for rookies but quite enjoyable though. But there is not much room on both spots for writers while lots of skaters are riding. So choose less busy time to paint there.

Still legal wall super chill

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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