Wall in the woods

Legal graffiti wall in Bærum, Norway


SIZE: Approx 2 meters tall by 15 meters wide, and approx 0.5 by 10 meters around the back. DIRECTIONS: The marked location is the entrance to a trail. Maybe 5 in meters you will see a crossing, go straight forwards. You know you took the right one if you're not parallel with the road, and you're headed straight into the woods. Follow this trail until you encounter a Y-crossing. Go right and you should see the wall on your right after around 10 meters. PERMITS: You don't need a permit for this wall. IMAGE OF THE CROSSING: imgur.com/a/8aNVxxA

Still safe, please use the biggest part of the wall for pieces, and the small side (left of hole in the wall) foe throwies.

I can’t find the wall

The wall isn’t were you described

Good wall

I Came here 2 years ago there was no wall and it´s sketchy as fuck I wouldn´t come here

The wall is still there, but it seems like the trees in the area are being cut down, so I'm not sure if the wall will stay or get torn down. Here's some photos, notice the crossing in the first pic. imgur.com/a/UwO5q4U

As someone already commented, finding it is easily done if you follow the instructions he posted. Still legal, requires no permit. No lights as it’s in the middle of the woods (next to a hiking trail). Not sketchy. Only thing that can scare you off are animals at night. Very safe and easily accessible. Came at night, so didn’t see shit with my iphone flashlight, but definitely returning to do a piece when it’s daylight.

Safe and nice

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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