Wall in the woods

Legal graffiti wall in Bærum, Norway


SIZE: Approx 2 meters tall by 15 meters wide, and approx 0.5 by 10 meters around the back. DIRECTIONS: The marked location is the entrance to a trail. Maybe 5 in meters you will see a crossing, go straight forwards. You know you took the right one if you're not parallel with the road, and you're headed straight into the woods. Follow this trail until you encounter a Y-crossing. Go right and you should see the wall on your right after around 10 meters. PERMITS: You don't need a permit for this wall. IMAGE OF THE CROSSING: imgur.com/a/8aNVxxA

Still safe, please use the biggest part of the wall for pieces, and the small side (left of hole in the wall) foe throwies.

I can’t find the wall

The wall isn’t were you described

Good wall

I Came here 2 years ago there was no wall and it´s sketchy as fuck I wouldn´t come here

Is this wall still safe to paint?