HOF Den Bosch

Legal graffiti wall in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands



Cool place! Shot at least 60 stunning pieces during the Kings of Colors Jam 8/9-06-2013 by: Blade(USA),Juice, Beast, Artic (KOT Crew), KBTR, Clowns from Hell, OSD Crew, Kar, Bonzai etc. etc. Check: bit.ly/ggb-app for all pics of this great jam and loads more fliks of cool pieces from all over the world!

visited not too long ago, perfectly safe

The Walls are Destroyed! i was with my friend, my friend said the walls don't exist any more, i thought he made a joke but i was looking closely, and it was true.... it was a completely shock for me, and a shot in my heart... it was my favorite walls :(

gone, it's all gone. There should be a new legal wall in the near of the FC Den Bosch football stadium.

there are new houses to be build at this moment.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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