Fietstunnel 'De Vitselstek'

Legal graffiti wall in Sint-Oedenrode, Netherlands


Bicycle tunnel underneath the Noordelijke Randweg

On this spot there is a guy, named 'Phonkie' he's very annoying and looks really poor. so Please watch out.

Please be aware of a local writer phonk, he thinks he owns this wall.

I went here to spray graffiti, lots of whining people and finally a man who called himself fonkie came. I didn't find his presence pleasant, looked like a drug addict, I won't go here anymore. Legal spray sites in Belgium are better regulated.

A writer named phonkie thinks this is his legal tunnel, not worth a second visit for me

I doubt this is a legal wall, someone threatened to call the police so I left quickly

Ik ken Phonkie. Als je daar problemen mee hebt heb je t er zelf naar gemaakt waarschijnlijk. Die doet nog geen vlieg kwaad. Keep ya head up phonk.

Er zijn weleens mensen die niet weten dat deze plek legaal is en dan de politie bellen. Dat is vaker gebeurt. Maar bij de politie staat genoteerd in hun systeem dat je iher mag werken. Mochten ze toch komen is dat gewoon voor n kijkje of praatje. De Jaws zijn vriendelijk btw. ☺ Kun je dat altijd zeggen mochten ze er niet bekend zijn. Legaal sinds 2008-9. Er bestaat ook een officiele toezegging vd gemeente.

Everybody is welcome if you do not cross good work. Clean up your mess. Keep the road clear and safe for passerbys and stay friendly and respectful if someone says something. The streetart toys complaining here above 😆 i dont know you nor your problems. Next time say your critics in my face. Your lies and blabla nobody believes. Peace

Phonkie got this wall legal years ago. I know he did send away some guys years ago after locals called him. Some writers were making a mess there, throwing a full bucket of paint on the road, cans and bottles. He only looks after the place as he and some others promised when it was legalised. Hes a friendly person...if you act with respect for all.😊

Phonkie is a dedicated writer since end 80ties who did much good for graffiti in general. Cool as fonzie and one of the kings of Brabant. Show some respect please. Peace out.

Is this wall still safe to paint?