Kaiserthermen Unterführung / Underbridge

Legal graffiti wall in Trier, Germany


here are 2 underbridges, each 50m long, which are both legal spots to paint. the walls are covered with tiles (no concrete) and already completly painted...policeheadquarter next to it..but no worries: ITS LEGAL! How to get there: just ask fot the big roman thermal springs called "kaiserthermen" (google it and you will recognize them for sure), the underbridge passes the big traffic circle. where to get paint: there is a skateshop calles "Zupport" (zupport.de) next to the house karl marx was born (karl-marx-house) providing belton and montana as well as a variety of caps. just ask for the spot and you'll fid it. nice shop!

Still safe!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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