Ex-Haus /YouthCenter Ex-Haus

Legal graffiti wall in Trier, Germany


BEST SPOT IN TRIER!! It's a big big youth-center where spraying is allowed and welcomed everywhere (but inside)! Skatepipe in the yard, burgerking next to it, the river mosel and its banks and the northern public swimming pools next to it, too. Thousend of square-meters to paint! Watch pictures: exhaus.de/index.php?siteID=7 or in detail: exhaus.de/img/kultur/action/graffiti/pieces2/index.html one very big wall (10m height, 75m long), only done when there are jams (do not cross!). a couple of small walls, always good to spray. The whole spot is covered in paint, you'll find a spot to paint FOR SURE!! HOW TO GET THERE: best by feet, just walk the riverbanks heading down the river...from city-center a 10min walk DANGER OF POLICE: No danger at all, he whole city knows the spot and knows that it is legal+ WHERE TO GET PAINT: zupport.de, a skateshop in the citycenter, providing belton premium as well as several montana cans. nice shop. located next to the karl-marx-house (just ask for it), situated in the karl-max-street

Most of the Walls @ ExHaus are not legal at all. They are only 'legal' if you get permission by the Boss of the Youth Center!!

Is a good wall i find this good

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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