Cardinal Newman Wall Of Creativity

Legal graffiti wall in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom


As a new initiative we are allowing students and others to decorate our walls with street art to show creativity and to paint us in a new light. Please refrain from doing street tags however as they will be washed off and are not true art but we would like users at least allow some art from there favourite TV shows or whatever gives you creativity please keep in mind it's a school full of impressionable kids so no inappropriate art. Wall details: About 6"2 Address is BN3 6ND anywhere on the walls coming up to the school have full permission to paint on. No permit required as we trust our students and this is officially a legal wall

Allowed graffiti on the walls very cool did see some tags on there but they were washed off the next day did confirm with teachers.

Great legal wall thought was illegal at first but turns out it is legal I've already discussed with college teachers and they have confirmed it 👍🏻🤯🤯🤯

Is this wall still safe to paint?