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Trafalgar Lane

Legal graffiti wall in Brighton, United Kingdom


Legalised wall by the council, been painting there for several years, next to a carpark. Wonderful place.

bullshit dont paint there, you can get into serious trouble

You cannot paint there. Just saying...

Not legal its a Paint with Permission. Don't be fooled.

This wall is illegal without express permission from the owner and organiser. There have been 3 recent arrests there and there is hidden CCTV.

This is not a legal wall, Brighton & Hove and the Police are really cracking down. Most the time you won’t have issue but if they catch you expect a court appearance.

Don't get caught here. Not legal wall

You can’t paint on the residential side but if you get permission from travis Perkins you can paint on that side , just go in and ask .

The local residents hate people painting on their garden walls and will phone the police. Travis Perkins have removed permission to paint their wall as the residents kept complaining. If you paint here you are likely to have the police visit.

Need permission from owner don't bother tagging either as he has hidden CCTV best thing is just to avoid neighbors are Karen's and hate it.

This wall is no longer open for comments.

If you want to change the status of this wall, please reach out.