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Trafalgar Lane

Legal graffiti wall in Brighton, United Kingdom


Legalised wall by the council, been painting there for several years, next to a carpark. Wonderful place.

bullshit dont paint there, you can get into serious trouble

You cannot paint there. Just saying...

Not legal its a Paint with Permission. Don't be fooled.

This wall is illegal without express permission from the owner and organiser. There have been 3 recent arrests there and there is hidden CCTV.

This is not a legal wall, Brighton & Hove and the Police are really cracking down. Most the time you won’t have issue but if they catch you expect a court appearance.

Don't get caught here. Not legal wall

You can’t paint on the residential side but if you get permission from travis Perkins you can paint on that side , just go in and ask .

Is this wall still safe to paint?