Legal graffiti wall in Amsterdam, Netherlands


at the east end station with line 9 or 14. when your getting outside you will allready see it...

important! all pillars of teh bridge are full with graffiti, but the ones next to the end station arent officially legal! the pieces there are quite old and very good, so you should go between the pillars to the skatepark. the walls at the skatepark and the skatepark itself are officially legal(as told by local writers)

I heard, that its only tolerated and not allowed.

I went down there this spring and did a painting. Very nice place and easy to get there from town. Just take the train to Flevo park and get of at the end station. Walk under the bridge and turn right to hed up to the legal parts. Here is where i bought my cans graffitishop.eu/about/about.html. Good luck!

only the walls in the skatepark are allowed, local writers i met in my travels said that if you go out the skatepark area under the bridge the people living in the nearby houses will call cops... and again the Flevopark walls are tolerated to some extent but not leagal...

i painted there today was easy to find and a good spot. I am dieing to find more now. There must be more legal walls in Amsterdam or semi legal ones surely? See my piece here ... urbnfabrik.com/zaers

All the walls are legal i painted here on most of the walls and the tramside bit which i mainly painted on, and the tram drivers just wavved at me, no police were called!

I didn't even find the skate park that was mentioned, but i found myself walking the far end of Flavopark and under the freeway along the tram tracks. Spoke to some locals, they say that all the walls under the free way and along the tram lines are legal. spent a few hours down there painting, cops walked past and the tram drivers wave. spent a few hours painting, some talented artists from all over the world get up in this location. you can check out some of my pics here: chasinghostslondon.tumblr.com/post/1115894388/a-few-shots-from-the-legal-space-under-the

Its ok to paint there. I hooked up with some guys from Amsterdam. The pics are at ikwilgraffiti.nl Good luck!

Hi the wall is still there. I was just there and it is great. It is must for everyone who like street art.

I made yesterday some picture of this wall: facebook.com/darko.pavic.16/media_set?set=a.498062440305513.1073741833.100003052857974&type=1

A great place to take pictures. All from February 2016, dosenkunst.wordpress.com/2016/02/14/amsterdam-8-hall-of-fame-am-flevoparkzeeburgerdijk-27-bilder-022016

Have a nice day there, be nice to the people walking by, who knows, you might get a nice spot to paint at their house/job

Peaceful spot to paint. A lot of parking lots , be careful not to bomb a car :)

There are lots of walls which are the pillars of a big bridge, paintings on all sides. Calm atmosphere.

Cool and chill. No problems for me

Nice spot, no problems

Nice spot with big walls. Calm atmosphere. The skate ramp was gone.

Very nice Spot it’s Safe and you Can paint the hole bridge

Alles tip top, wunderbare Wände, top Flair. Viele Maler aus allen Richtungen der Erde. Habe dort ca 7 h gemalt und mich super wohl gefühlt. Es gibt Platz ohne Ende, kein Streß keine Hektik einfach entspannt malen

Yes its still safe! The gemeente will do some area development in 2023-2024 with a new bike bridge and ways but it will be legal. We do our best to keep it! Please clean up your empty aerosol cans after painting to help the place also. Thxx!! You can find the exact adress and spot here on google maps Graffitifun Hall of Fame Amsterdam: goo.gl/maps/gr1nSm87Wx8khBSV6 graffitifun.nl/locaties

Did a few stencils, every inch is already covered but that's just how it goes. Trams rive past and just wave at you :)

Still safe. On holiday from the states and was looking for a low risk area to enjoy myself. Everything went well, tram drivers didn’t seem to care at all.

Still safe, painted a 3D piece with a guy from Poland here yesterday 🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲

This place is the best chek it out here youtu.be/gcwfUhsIwEM

Very nice spot!

Is this wall still safe to paint?