Legal graffiti wall in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Big graffiti free zone. Ferry from central station to NDSM

Painted there July 2016, no problems

Nice and big wall. Very chill to paint.

Its a nice spot to paint

Such a cool spot

Great wall a lot of space

no probs there...you can do your thing on day and night...

Nice spot, lot of nice wallpaints and spots to actualy paint on. No problem with people nor police

Ndsm is a paradise for graffiti artists

Still a save spot. Went there today, had a blast with a group of people that were already there!

Still an amazing place

Very nice wall, no problems at all… at least 200m long and 3,5m high. Had a very good time there. COWBOI

Verry nice spot to paint, full walls and containers to paint on.

Only de STEETART Museum is a legal wall. De NDSM, Netherland Schipbuilding Company is not a legal area. Please remove this foto of the NDSM-loods building as soon as possible, this foto is not correct. You can contact the director Rob Post of the NDSM-loods through ndsm.nl/en/contact

Thanks for reporting, image is corrected

All containers at the STRAAT are legal to spray on.

Massive place with plenty of different spaces for small and big pieces. A lot of quality paintings and easy access with the free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. I give it 5 stars!

Nice place to paint, one of the nicest from Amsterdam Found it on internet graffiti-branchevereniging.nl

Is this wall still safe to paint?