Two Sided legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Kitzingen, Germany

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Right next to 2 big soccer fields. Walls are about 12 Meters long each and are about 50centimeters to 3,5 meters high. You can easily get there by car, bike or on foot although you should take a bike lock with you because you will have to go through a revolving door to enter the place (which is see through so it will be easy to see where you have to go). Anyone can paint here! Me and a friend legalized the wall through the City Council of Kitzingen in March 21 and it will stay legal as long as people take their trash with them and also look out for the ground - please use something to cover so the ground doesn't get too dirty otherwise there will be problems with the City. No racial slurs, no violent pictures (a lot of childs play there sometimes) and no nudity. If you got anymore questions you can hit me up on instagram @macs.imum

Is this wall still safe to paint?