Hall of Fame Würzburg

Legal graffiti wall in Würzburg, Germany


This Hall is under the main street through Würzburg. Directly at the bus stop at the corner "Zeppelinstr. / Friedenstrasse"

12/2015. Legal, i met a local artist, he confirmed the information. Very big area with great new and very old pieces. Dark areas under the bridge and bright areas. Pics you can find on dosenkunst.de dosenkunst.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/wuerzburg-graffiti-hall-of-fame-kellerbilder-25

still safe and legal

Someone was filming us while we sprayed and called the police

Nach wie vor legal möglich. Am besten mit locals ansprechen.

Everything ok

Top! Kein problem

Still Safe, unfrequent Police Patrols because of a Jewish Museum nearby

Is this wall still safe to paint?