Skopje Legal Wall #3

Legal graffiti wall in Skopje, North Macedonia

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In a partnership among the SKOPJE 2028 - candidate for European Capital of Culture, Municipality of Kisela Voda and Graffiti Shop Hrom, this weekend on September 4 and 5 was organized a graffiti drawing action named "Kislea Voda Graffiti Jam". The action marked the appointment of a new "Legal Wall", 70 meters long, in the municipality Kisela Voda, in the settlement Pintija, on the boulevard Boris Trajkovski. By appointing this legal wall, the Municipality of Kisela Voda supports the development of urban culture, provides a new space for creation and stimulates creativity with diverse cultural expression. The initiative for marking legal walls in the city was developed by the SKOPJE 2028 team in cooperation with representatives of the Skopje graffiti scene. The first two legal walls were appointed by the city of Skopje in July this year. Recognizing the importance of creating new urban spaces for street artists, the municipality of Kisela Voda initiated the appointing of a new legal wall, which was done in cooperation with the City of Skopje and the SKOPJE 2028 team. 20 Macedonian artists aged 16 to 32 took part in the action "Kisela Voda Graffiti Jam", which was joined by several street artists from Germany and Belgium. They applied to the open call for drawing graffiti organized by Graffiti Shop Hrom. Among artists who participated in the action were: Yellow House, Tac, Rask, Smooth, Esiem, Dig, Woo, Katma, Snake, Zork, Aris, Kiks, Bone, Janx, Maro, Cen2, Teazer, HoboGang. Accessible by car and bus (41, 31). No special permit is needed.

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