Skopje Legal Wall #1

Legal graffiti wall in Skopje, North Macedonia

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A supporting wall on the Vojvoda Vasil Chakalarov (Adolf Ciborovski) street, after Replek (going from the city center towards Hrom) in a total length of about 40 meters. On the initiative of the SKOPJE 2028 - European Capital of Culture Candidate City in collaboration with Skopje's local graffiti community, on July 26th, 2021 (Skopje's Day of Solidarity, marking the devastating earthquake on the same day in 1963 and the big international solidarity effort that followed to rebuild the city), the wall was appointed as the first legal wall in the city by the local government - the City of Skopje. For the occasion, a graffiti drawing action on the theme of Solidarity was organized. 7 artists participated: Sali Ertunc, Davor Keskec, Marko Vujisic, Dragan Drash Kitanovski, Dejan Davcevski, Blaze Atanaskov and Ermal Kryeziu. The location is accessible by car and bus (4, 4a). No special permit is needed.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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