Elm Street Lanes

Legal graffiti wall in Cardiff, United Kingdom


one near-perfect flat wall 70ft long 7.5ft high, and a couple other walls of various sizes.

great spot. E

Awesome spot to paint, walls cleaned and smooth. I've never felt that loved by the people that live around or crossed path. It was amazing to be thanked by so many people to paint their street. Definitively a place to be !

Just like every other alley in this city, there is a giant gate on either end, and new properties have been built alongside making the whole place a lot more sketchy to paint. Is there anywhere in Cardiff where toys like me can practice in peace? It seems like unless you happen to be an amazing artist already, the best one can do is paint grotty throw-ups on bombing runs :/ Would love to find a nice, quiet, secluded spot to learn my craft.

I was stopped painting down here about two weeks ago by Cardiff council, not sure if it’s 100 % legal

that is a very good spot to paint, good stuff

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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