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Legal graffiti wall in Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Well what can we say. We currently are very well adorned with some beautiful art of which Spike from fatcap has done over the years. But sadly over the years pieces have weathered. There’s two different surfaces. One clean brick the other more a textured large block construction with variable depts. The rear wall which is not customer facing is 4m H x 9m L. The customer facing side 3m H x 6m. Open to all suggestions including offering a constant practise wall etc. Would love to talk to anybody.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

All graffiti spots in this legal wall directory are contributed by users. Information you find here may be incorrect or outdated. Always verify the legality of graffiti walls with local authorities before painting. We do not take responsibility in any illegal activities performed based on the information on this site. Also refer to our Terms of service & privacy policy

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