The Big Yard

Legal graffiti wall in Derby, United Kingdom


Massive abandoned city centre plot - all buildings demolished and only the perimeter walls remain. Had a jam there with 50+ painters and they didn't come close to filling the place out. Have heard the landowner's not fussed & know from personal experience that the local PCSO definitely isn't. Overlooking neighbours & anybody that walks through are all sound too. Easy, obvious access from the public footpath that cuts across the land. Paint also available locally at 420 Skatestore. Should be obvious, but take your cans away with you - or at least burst them!

Bumped into 3 suits from the council down here a week or so back. They were there to check something else out and were amazed at the quantity + quality of the graff there. They all agreed they had no problem with the use of the space, and that they were quite happy for it to continue :>

Amazing huge plot with not even every panel painted over. Some really good quality pieces. The area is at least as big as 2 football pitches.

place is going stronger then ever before!

90% of the place is now fenced off while the old building foundations are being torn up (although it is still sound to paint the remainder). The school that's meant to be going up there has had intitial planning permission turned down but it's quite possibly the end for the place.

Months after the ground was cleared and fences are down with nobody fixing them or on patrol.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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