Squat at Wilhelmstrasse

Legal graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany


Old Squat called Tommy Weissbaecker Haus with relaxed punks and a ca.15m long wall of fame. enjoy.

Nice spot with good quality burners most of the time. The wall is in good condition. Bakery just 10 meters away for snacks and drinks.

I scoped this place out. Has 2 very nice huge murals with smaller junk pieces on the ground. Honestly, I'm not sure of the legality here. I was hesitant because of all the foot traffic and windows overlooking the walls in what seems like a suburb. The squat punks seem cool, but then again I wasn't going to assume that an ok from them would not get me called in during the day by someone else and would like to avoid a trip to a German police station. And I don't work at night.

Just walked by and saw several people painting there. The wall ist about 25 meters long.

Went to do a Bruner while visiting, public spot from 10-22

Still safe!

100% legal

Good quality stuff here. Open and legal.

Painted last week. Nice and quiet spot for a sunny paint. Recommend…

still good!

Is this wall still safe to paint?