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I-95 underpass

Legal graffiti wall in Philadelphia, United States


walls across from penn treaty park, named after william penn the founder of pennsylvania who offered religious freedom to the immigrants who came to the welsh/swedish settlement in the 1600s

beautiful intermational mix of artists lurks under the highway here come and add some love

I called A few People In the city and they said this isnt leagal,, so dont hit this spot if anything

It isn't deemed legal, yet it is known as graffiti pier and isn't watched by many authorities. daytime is better to hit up and bring a couple friends because there are questionable characters but it's sick and definitely worth checking out.

This wall isn't legal,honestly you'd be better off spraying on an abando.

it's still safe, but its not legal.

I went there to go do my artwork and cops told us that they are constantly monitoring it and it’s is closed down

You just have to ask the town council. Easy Peasy!!! :)

gotta contact city council to get permission and its VERY unlikely...

you need permission, i got it but its hard to get

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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