Legal graffiti wall in Budapest, Hungary


The walls along the tram line are fully legal according to the guys at the Bazis store ( It's easy to reach by car (via Szentendrei ut) and tram (stop Filatorigát). It's a long wall with impressively high quality.

Good wall and fully legal.. The guys in the Bázis Store good faces and really helpfull so if you have question go there :)

Really good, nice wall where everybody can paint safe!

Painted there today sept 2018, no problem and nice spot

Painted here last month no problem see the guys as bazis store for paint

Still legal, even got checked by the cops but they didn’t mind the sprays

Still good

It's legal ;) the guys were helpful at Bàzis Store

was good, but police came to check all i had with me. so be careful. but still legal

No problem paitning here, november 2023.

Is this wall still safe to paint?