Tunnel Overschie

Legal graffiti wall in Rotterdam, Netherlands


it's a great place! if it's bad weather you can just spray there without getting wet. there are 2 long walls where you can spray

one of my favourite places, still there

broke down 2 months ago, 'cause of motorway

I'm not sure what "broke down 2 months ago" is supposed to mean. People paint here all the time. I don't know whether it is "legal", but the last time I painted here the police passed and did not do a thing.

still good. Alot of great pieces and very quiet spot!


Lovely vibe

Still good

still good

I did a Huge piece on there that took 2 hours but people came and painted with me friendly there

Good walls

Cool place! Good to paint!

Still one of the best spots out there

Is this wall still safe to paint?