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Zen StairWell

Legal graffiti wall in Pullman, United States


7 floors of graffiti that is fabled to not have been messed with since the '70s. Its a small stairwell in the Fine Arts garage, only about 10' by 10' but it gets constant use by the University's students. Cops don't usually mess with you unless you are partaking in illegal activities. The cops might tell you to get out, but no one has been arrested in the stairwell.

It is the 20th of December 2015 and Zen Staircase is currently shut down. WSU decided to paint over it and it is locked up right now. I have no clue when or if they will open the doors again. It's a real bummer the staircase was painted over, it was my favourite place in Washington/Idaho.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

Have a photo of this wall?

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